Resident Care Services

Families and residents are invited to attend a 'Care Conference' shortly after admission and at least quarterly thereafter. At the 'Care Conference', a team of Sunny Hill's health care professionals, from the Nursing, Dietary, Social Services, Activities and Rehab departments meet with you to review past lifestyle problems, needs and goals, and how we can work together to accomplish them. 

Nursing services are provided by a nursing staff that consists of Registered Nurses (R.N.'s), Licensed Practical Nurses (L.P.N.'s) and Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.'s). R.N.'s are on duty, on-site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is not uncommon for Sunny Hill employees at all levels to remain for 20 years and more. Low staff turnover means greater resident comfort, satisfaction and care. We strive to ensure that the staff to resident ratio far exceeds prescribed levels from Illinois Department of Public Health and that the staff is actual employees of Sunny Hill, not temporary contract nursing staff.

In annual regulatory surveys, Sunny Hill consistently receives high marks from physicians, social service agencies, residents, residents' family members, staff and the community.

Many changes in the way we provide resident care are currently being implemented and are planned for the immediate future including our commitment to "Resident Centered Care", including honoring resident choices regarding bathing, personal hygiene, dining  and their personal daily schedules.

Hospice Care is available through our partnerships with area hospice organizations. Partnerships with local Hospice organizations provide our residents and their family additional support during this traumatic, trying time.

Care is provided for skilled and respite stays. 

Skilled Care Services

At times, residents are admitted with serious health care and medical problems. Sunny Hill Nursing Home is fully licensed and trained to care for these individuals. Sunny Hill offers skilled patient care around the clock. A Registered Nurse Supervisor is on duty, on-site, 24 hours a day. Sunny Hill also excels in the following therapies.

› Respiratory Therapy
› Speech Therapy
› Physical Therapy
› Occupational Therapy

See Available Therapies for more information.

› Post treatment cancer care for radiation or chemotherapy
› Hospice Care
› Pain Management
› Registered Dieticians
› Renal Disease Management
› Skin and Wound Care Specialist on staff.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a temporary, yet 24-hour care that is offered to provide a safe and healthy environment for a person who is unable to be left alone.

Respite Care provides a much-needed break for the family or care-giver and is utilized for a number of reasons,

› Business Travel or to accompany a spouse on business travel
› Vacations
› Out-of-town family emergencies
› Spouse or caregiver surgery
› To reduce caregiver stress
› To try out nursing home placement

Respite Care services include room and board, all meals and snacks (with attention to any dietary considerations), participation in all activities, daily room cleaning, showers, laundry, 24-hour nursing services and administration of medications..

Respite Care is flexible to meet many needs. Respite Care can be for 7 to 14 days. Extended Respite Care can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about Respite Care at Sunny Hill, contact our Admissions Coordinator at (815) 727-8715.