Animal Protection Services Contact Information

Will County Animal Protection Services
22452 S. Cherry Hill Rd.
Joliet, IL 60433
Phone: (815) 462-5633
Fax: (815) 462-5630

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri  8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Biting Animals

Any and All animal bites or abrasions to the flesh of a human being from the teeth of an animal are required by law to be reported to the Will County Animal Protection Services Department.  When an animal bites, the owner is required to bring the biting animal to a Veterinary facility for Rabies observation.  The animal must be placed under direct supervision of a licensed Veterinarian.
If the biting animal is currently vaccinated against Rabies, the animal may be confined at home and must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian within a 24 hour period of the exposure and again 10 days later.
If the biting animal is NOT currently vaccinated against Rabies, Illinois State Statute requires that the animal be impounded at a Veterinary facility and under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian within a 24 hour period of the exposure at the owner's expense.  At the end of the 10 day Rabies observation period, if the animal is deemed to be free and clear of the Rabies virus it must be vaccinated against Rabies prior to the release to the owner.
If the biting animal is a stray and has not been captured, it is very important that you immediately take the following steps:
1.  Call your local police department and Will County Animal Protection Services.
2.  Be sure to observe and remember an accurate description of the biting animal.
3.  Identify the area in which the biting animal may have access to.
4.  Alert any neighbors to notify you if they see the animal in the area.

Bite reporting and investigation ordinance 90.04
Confinement of biting animals ordinance 90.05
Biting animal, not inoculated against Rabies ordinance 90.13