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Planning maintains a wide variety of data concerning Will County and is responsible for preparing and implementing the County's Land Resource Management Plan and other studies that help guide future growth and preserve Will County's heritage.

Below are planning projects and associated deliverables.

Fairmont Flood Study

The Fairmont community is located in unincorporated Lockport Township in Will County, Illinois. The study area incorporates the tributary area of approximately 340 acres but focuses on providing solutions for the flooding issues located in the region bounded by Godfrey Avenue to the north, Brassel Street to the east, Oak Avenue to the south, and Barrett Street to the west. The site is located less than a half-mile east of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, which runs parallel to the Des Plaines River / Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.

Illinois Route 53 Corridor Plan

Adopted by Will County Board on March 20, 2014, the Illinois Route 53 Corridor Plan encompasses the Historic Route 66 roadway between I-80 in Joliet to the county line in Godley.

2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

The Will County 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan was adopted by the County Board in March of 2017 and can be downloaded here:


Land Resource Management Plan [LRMP]

On April 18, 2002, the County Board approved a new Land Resource Management Plan [LRMP]. This culminated an 18-month project that enjoyed the input of over 500 citizens at 21 meetings and workshops across Will County. On January 20, 2011, revisions to the Plan included adopting a new section - the Airport Environs Element. The final document is composed of four main elements and one neighborhood plan:

Policy Gateway, which contains guiding principles, goals, and strategies, an assessment of current conditions (including references to the Transportation Plan and the Historic Preservation Plan), and an implementation plan;  (file size 3.4Mb)

  • The Forms & Concepts Handbook, which will be used to guide appropriate future development; (file size  7.5Mb)
  • Open Space Element, which lays out concepts for the provision of a countywide open space network; (file size 3.5Mb) and
  • The Airport Environs Element establishes basic land use and design criteria if the proposed South Suburban Airport comes to fruition. (file size 2.6Mb)
  • The Fairmont Area Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 2012 to provide a detailed analysis and policy guide to the Fairmont area located between the Cities of Lockport and Joliet along Illinois Route 171 In Lockport Township.  The content of this plan was provided by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's (CMAP)Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program. (file size 19.5Mb)

Eastern Will County Wastewater Study

Completed in 2008, the consulting firm Farnsworth Group provides Will county a comprehensive examination of the existing wastewater (sanitary sewer) facilities and future needs for the eastern six townships of Will County - Green Garden, Monee, Crete Peotone, Will, and Washington.

  • Final Document - file size 1.2Mb
    • Figure 1: Study Area Map - file size 0.1Mb
    • Figure 2: Geo-Political Map - file size 0.3Mb
    • Figure 3: Watershed Basins Map - file size 0.2Mb
    • Figure 4: Natural Resources Map - file size 0.8Mb
    • Figure 5: Corridors Map - file size 0.2Mb
    • Figure 6: Existing Sanitary Facilities Map - file size 0.3Mb
    • Figure 7: Projected Population and Flows Map - file size 1.3Mb
    • Figure 8-15: Alternative Maps - file size 2.3Mb
    • Appendix A: Phosphorus Limits - file size 0.1Mb
    • Appendix B: Macro Watersheds - file size 0.7Mb
    • Appendix C: LRMP Excerts - file size 0.1Mb