Housing - We WILL Build

Equal Opportunity Housing and Communities 

America is a growing and diverse nation.  Meeting its housing needs will require equally diverse options. The strongest communities incorporate a mix of housing types because they understand that a diversified housing stock, like any stock, has less risk than a concentrated portfolio of any one type of housing.  

The purpose of We WILL Build is to support the Fair Housing Act and the Department of Housing and Urban Development mission to “build strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.”

Strong, sustainable and inclusive communities include diverse housing options.  Housing must be grounded in a safe built environment and connected to a network of healthy food options, health care, education, jobs, transportation, and open space. 

By focusing on housing, we start with meeting the needs of the family first. 

Housing is at the heart of it all.  Housing does more than provide shelter.  It provides stability, economic means, dignity, family ties and ultimately strengthens communities.  Housing diversity in a community helps prevent homelessness, permits elderly community resident’s to age in place, helps divorced parents stay in close proximity to their kids, allows for young adults to leave their parent’s basements, prepares young families for establishing roots and enables established families to raise engaged future citizens. 

Join us on this quest to balance housing stock with housing needs in Will County by engaging in the conversation and connect with us on Facebook @buildwillcounty for updates.