Oversize & Overweight Vehicle Permits

An overview of the process:

  • Applicants login online via the website at www.oxcartpermits.com
  • Login using an individual username. Accounts can have unlimited usernames.
  • Enter in all data (have the option to clone routes and save truck configurations in a vehicle library, save favorite payment methods)
  • Will County DOT staff will review permit through online portal
  • Credit Card payment will be processed once route is approved by Will County DOT
  • Applicants receive approved permit

Any questions regarding jurisdiction or Will County requirements can be directed to WCDOT. Any questions regarding the online approval system can be directed to Oxcart.

Oversize-Overweight vehicles are requested to stay on State Routes as much as possible. Will County Highway Staff will suggest alternate routes when applicable.

Roads on the Will County Highway System are classified as "Local Roads and Streets" except for those with a posted weight limit, a posted height limit, and those designated Class II, IDOT Information on Legal Dimensions and Weights for all roads in Illinois (FORM OPER 753). Bridges over Interstate Highways are the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois or Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Overweight movements across these bridges require an IDOT or ISTHA Permit Number.
The following are the height and weight limitations on Local Roads and Streets. Any vehicle exceeding these amounts requires a permit from the Will County Division of Transportation. Permits may be issued for an overweight load providing it consists of one object that cannot be reasonably dismantled or disassembled.


Maximum Legal Dimensions

Width Height Length Single
Length Tractor
8'-6" 13'-6" 42' 65'

Maximum Weights

Single Axle (LB) Tandem Axle (LB) Gross Weight (LB)
20,000 34,000 80,000

Agricultural Commodities Permits

Limited Continuous Operation (LCO) for Agricultural Commodities Permits can be issued for qualifying loads.


The fee for an Agricultural Commodities permit is $5 per axle and is valid for 40 days.

Harvest Emergency Permits

Limited Continuous Operation (LCO) for Harvest Emergency Permits shall apply to all registered vehicles eligible to obtain permits under Section 15-301 of ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5 and  shall be issued from September 1 through December 31.


No fee is assessed for Harvest Emergency Permits.