The County operates three Maintenance Garages. The Joliet Maintenance Garage, located on Laraway Road at the corner of Cherry Hill Road, is the main facility. The Monee Maintenance Garage, located on Egyptian Trail Rd just west of Governors Parkway (IL 50), serves the eastern side of the County. The Crest Hill Maintenance Garage, located on Caton Farm Road approximately one mile west of IL 53, serves primarily as a snowplow operations center during winter snow removal. The Crest Hill Maintenance Garage is a new facility that is shared by the Division of Transportation, the Will County Sheriff and Will County Coroner.

Maintenance Dispatcher: 815.727.8478
Maintenance Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Summer Maintenance

County Maintenance crews will begin mowing in spring and will continuously mow the County highway system during the growing season.

Crack Filling
A contractor will be crack-filling County highways, based on age and condition, throughout the warm season (subject to availability of funding).

Spring Cleanup
County Maintenance crews will pick up litter along County highways beginning in spring and continue through summer and fall.

Other Summer Activities

  • Hot Mix
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Miscellaneous Drainage Projects
  • Intersection Sweeping
  • Curb Sweeping
  • Tree & Brush Trimming
  • Guardrail Repair
  • Shoulder Repair
  • Culvert Replacements
  • Bridge Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Sharing The Road With A Snowplow

 Winter Safety Reminders for Motorists

  • Don't try to pass unless you can see ahead clearly. Snowplows often kick up a cloud of snow when they're moving down a rural highway or freeway. It's dangerous to try to pass through this snow cloud because you don't really know what's in it.
  • Don't follow too closely. Snowplow operators often have to stop, turn and back up if they're clearing an intersection. If a vehicle is following too closely, the snowplow driver may not be able to see it.
  • Expect roads to be slippery, slow down and at least double your following distance to avoid collisions and damage from flying salt and sand.
  • Use your good judgment. Delay or postpone your trip until conditions improve.
  • Move your vehicle to the left of your lane so the equipment operator can see you in the mirror.

 Please travel safely during winter driving conditions and follow the above suggestions.
Driveway Clearing
When clearing the snow off your driveway (by plow, blower or shovel), please do not leave snow in the road. When collecting snow at the end of your driveway, you should collect it on the side of the driveway toward the direction of traffic flow. When snowplows pass your driveway, the snow will be pushed away from your driveway rather than back into your driveway.
Is your mailbox ready for winter? Replace rotten posts and make sure screws are fastened tight. The weight of snow plowed could push your mailbox over. If your mailbox is pushed over, you can call the Maintenance Dispatcher at 815.727.8478 to make arrangements to have it repaired.
General Information
If you have any County Highway Maintenance concerns (such as drainage, high weeds, mailboxes, potholes, etc.), please call the Maintenance Dispatcher at 815.727.8478. If you are interested in Adopt-A-Highway, please call 815.727.8476.