• Tuberculosis (TB)
  • IGRA Blood Testing for Latent TB
  • Blood TB Test
  • X-Rays
  • TB Case Management
  • Medical Records
  • History of Positive PPD
  • Private Physician Referral
  • MOTT (Mycobacterium Other Than TB)
  • Nursing
  • Professional Educational
  • Out of County Residents

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test


  1. One visit to receive test.
  2. One to read the placed test on arm.

Note: TB test must be read 48-72 hours after administration. Failure to return result in repeat testing.

Items Need for TB Skin Test:

  • Proof of Residency required (State ID or Illinois Driver’s License) **Employment in Will County DOES NOT APPLY and payment is required.
  • Immunization record required for all children needing a TB Test. – MMR & Varicella are live virus immunizations that affect the TB skin test. A child must wait six weeks after receiving the above immunizations for their TB test. Please get the TB test prior to immunizations to avoid a delay in TB testing.
  • A child under 18yrs must have a parent signature on consent form for TB testing.

TB Skin Testing Results

  • Result documentation is given to the client the day of test reading. You will receive a three part form with the same information. Please retain a copy of one of the result information for your own records.
  • Additional reports (cash payment required) may be obtained with a signed consent from the client and must be picked up in person with proper identification.
  • No skin test results may be faxed to an employer or client.

Call and speak with a nurse to schedule your appointment - May be a charge for Will County Residents- All others must pay at time of services.

  • T-SPOT
  • QuanteriFERON –TB Gold In-Tube test (QFT-GIT)
  • Measures TB proteins in the blood

Always call for technician availability.

  • Chest X-rays with written Doctor’s Authorization is required.
  • Typed report will be forwarded to the ordering physician.
  • Patient may request a copy of the x-ray report for a charge.
  • Copy films may also be purchased.
  • Pregnant patient will not be x-rayed until they have reached their 2nd trimester.
  • All pregnant patient are shielded.
  • Proof of Residency required (State ID or Illinois Driver’s License). **Employment in Will County DOES NOT APPLY and cash payment is required before x-ray taken.
  • Latent TB client’s films/reports kept on site for 5 years then destroyed.
  • If the client has been seen by the doctor, a report of the x-ray findings is included as part of the physician’s dictation for clinic.
  • MTB clients are maintained indefinitely on site.
  • Reports are mailed to ordering physician.
  • Reports are available to clients with a signed consent and picked up in person.
  • Reports may be faxed to ordering physician.
  • Reports may not be faxed to employers/clients.
  • Cases management for Will County residents.
  • Physician Appointment for Active Tuberculosis and Latent TB (positive skin or IGRA tests).
  • Appointments are available by scheduling with a nurse.
  • Appointments include a chest x-ray if needed.
  • Physician evaluation of history, chest x-ray review and determination the need for medication therapy.
  • All medication for TB/Latent TB is provided free of charge for Will County Residents Only necessary blood work is done at no charge to the client for Will County Resident Only.
  • Immigrant and refugee arrivals through CDC Border Control screening are scheduled after on site nurse evaluation of medical information.
  • Contact screening for active pulmonary tuberculosis cases.
  • Direct Observed Therapy when ordered by the treating physician.
  • Outreach services as needed for patient with active tuberculosis.
  • Patient records from 1940 + available.
  • Records maintained off site in county archives and generally available within 72 hours.
  • On-site closed files kept for previous 5-8 years.
  • No name changes or vital personal informal may be changed on medical records.
  • Client is provided a letter including the date of the positive PPD, dates of treatment, last chest x-ray done at this clinic.
  • Must be picked up in person and consent signed.
  • There is a cash charge for records.
  • Referral for complete case management of Latent and Active Tuberculosis.
  • TB related Medication/lab at no charge for Will County Residents with a physician’s order - Clients can choose to stay with their own MD.

Will supply any stock TB medications to Will County Residents with a physician’s order.

Stock medications include:

  • Ethambutol
  • INH
  • Rifampin
  • PZA
  • Pyridoxine

Nursing Overview

  • Monday: Skin testing & reading
  • Tuesday: Medication refill, client reminders, Contact investigations,
  • Wednesday: IGRA Testing till noon, Skin test readings 1pm-4pm
  • Thursday: Physician Clinic till 12pm, Readings 1pm-4pm
  • Friday: Skin testing

Additional Nursing Services

  • Act as liaison between hospital and LTC facility.
  • Answer questions related to the TB guidelines.
  • Assist with any demographic statistic for reporting.
  • On site lectures.
  • CDC TB information – CDC.gov
  • Mantoux PPD skin test training and how to read for new nurses on Mondays/Friday by appointment- Certificate of Completion received.
  • Numerous informational TB pamphlets, State of Illinois rules and regulations, TB risk assessment assistance.

Grundy County Residents

An intergovernmental agreement exists with Will & Grundy Counties. There are charges for services. Please contact Grundy County for screening and referral at

Out of County

  • Mantoux skin testing, blood testing for TB and Chest X-rays are the only services offered to non-residents.
  • Charges do apply, cost depend upon service.
  • CASH ONLY accepted.
Contact Information

Sunny Hill TB Clinic
503 Ella Avenue | view map
Joliet, IL  60433
815-740-4420 (phone)
815-740-4424 (fax)

TB Clinic only accepts CASH payments for services rendered.

Outside of Will County

Mantoux Skin Test-$20.00
Chest X-ray - $35.00
IGRA Blood Test (T-Spot or Quantiferon TB Gold) - $45.00

Will County

Mantoux Skin Test- No Charge
Chest X-ray - No Charge
IGRA Blood Test (T-Spot or Quantiferon TB Gold) - $45.00

Medical Records

Copy of Negative Skin Test Results-$5.00
PPD Positive (treatment copies) - $1.00 per page
Chest x-ray report - $1.00
Chest X-ray film - $5.00