CARES Act Information

July 2020

Dear Friends:

Will County government has been actively working to address the COVID-19 health crisis.  These efforts include working with State of Illinois, our County Health Department, local governments, first responders, and many other stakeholders.  We have made progress but there is more work and know that we will do all that we can to keep our residents safe.

Our efforts to protect our residents have been greatly aided by the approximately $121 million dollars provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).  The County received this direct allocation of federal dollars because the population of our county is greater than 500,000.  It is the intent of the Will County Board and the Will County Executive’s Office to share these funds where they are most needed in the local communities. We are reaching out to residents, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local governments to offer an opportunity to apply for funding to help offset the economic impacts of COVID-19.

As you can imagine, setting up processes to distribute these fund where needed, while following the federal guidelines, is challenging.    We thank everyone for their patience as we finalize these procedures using best practices and continuing to spend taxpayer funds responsibly.

The federal guidelines for the CARES funds can be found on this web page in addition to a list of frequently asked questions, which are meant to help clarify the requirement for and uses of the CARES funds.  Please read through these guidelines and see if your organization may be eligible for funding.

In the next few weeks this page will be updated to provide additional information about eligibility, and instructions for application/submission for reimbursement. 



Denise Winfrey   Mimi Cowan
Denise Winfrey   MiMi Cowan  
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